I think a lot. That's probably why I like cycling. Cycling gives me freedom to think. When I cycle it is only me, my thoughts and my bike. And I have a bike (or a couple of bikes) that works with my style. They tells a lot about who I am. I like clean looking bikes. Every component on my bikes has a purpose and are chosen with care. The time I get on my bike in every morning gives me freedom to fantasize and plan how I want my day to be. How I want my life to be. So when I park my bike at the destination it is just to execute my thoughts and dreams. But sometimes I don't think. I just cycle,as fast as I can, with a big smile on my face. I feel free on my bike. Cycling also gives me freedom to eat and drink whatever I like because the more I eat and drink the faster I can cycle. Calories are what keeps my body running. I Just make sure I choose the best
calories. At the moment one of my favorite
calories are Pinot Noir from Bourgonge (and
so far in life I have never said no to a
Boeuf Bourguignon). I have a son. He's
eight years old. He is like a better
version of me. He's just beautiful.
But he also put me in a position where
I have to be a responsible dad. I feel
that my responsibility is to
show him different ways to live. Take
him to different places. Try different
things. When he gets older it is up
to him how he want to live his
life. But I also have to take him to school every
day. Which means I'm always late to something.
So I had to develop a
style of cycling wear that
gives me the freedom to enter
a meeting ten minutes late,
in my cycling clothes
without looking like a
fluorescent clown. By the way,
some of the fluorescent clowns
think that I compete with them. I don't.
I just like to cycle faster than they can.
I also realize that my cycling wear gives me
freedom to stop for a "fika" on my way to
or from something without feeling odd.
I want my products to work with
as little maintenance as
possible. And I want them to work every day. For a long
time. My design philosophy
is to add as little
as possible. Without
compromising on the
quality and functionality. Creator Jesper Carlsson behind the brand
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